Pumpkin Stems
Resin pumpkin stems for your velvet and fabric pumpkin projects.
Chenille Snowmen
Individually hand crafted using vintage chenille bedspreads.
Popcorn Garlands
Traditional Popcorn Garlands Cinnamon Scented with Beeswax Coating
Snowman Noses
Easter Scrabble Art
Primitives & Folk Art
Blackened Beeswax ornaments are cinnamon scented and rubbed with cinnamon powder for the charming folk art, primitive look.
Colorado Pinecones
Dipped in cinnamon scented wax and then finished with berries, greens and botanicals. Wax cones are SAFE handing on any holiday tree.
Fragrance Oil
Our popular fragrance oils are blended to refresh potpourri, use in diffusers and fragrance oil burners.
Beeswax Ornaments
We craft traditional German beeswax ornaments in our Colorado studio. Choose cinnamon scented or unscented.
Craft Supplies
A resource for hard-to-find elements for home crafting
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Thank you for taking a moment to browse through our hand crafted wares and goods for home crafting.  Please feel free to contact us because we love to hear from our customers. 

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