Beeswax Ornaments
Natural or cinnamon scented beeswax ornaments are safe hanging next to any holiday light.
Hand Painted Beeswax
We hand paint unscented beeswax to create these stunning ornaments. Each comes in a gift box.
Blackened Beeswax
Folk Art Primitive beeswax ornaments are cinnamon scented and rubbed with real powdered cinnamon.
Beeswax Snowflakes
Scented beeswax snowflake ornaments are safe hanging next to any type of holiday tree light.

Apple Jack & Peel
Victorian Christmas
Colorado Pinecones
Dipped in cinnamon scented beeswax and finished with berries, greens, botanicals and beads.
Silverplate Spoons
We transfer holiday images onto vintage silverplate spoons. Each spoon comes in a gift box.
Wood Snowmen
Created with real birch log slices.
Glass Ornaments
Charming image transfers are completed with greens, berries and bows.
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