Melting Snowman Candles
Cinnamon scented. Light them if you must.
Cutter Quilt Snowmen
Upcycled quilts, rusty bells, springs and homespun fabrics combine to create the most charming country snowmen ever.
Birch Slice Snowmen
Birch slices, resin carrot noses, greens and berries will make you smile.
Chenille Snowmen
Upcycled vintage chenille bedspreads continue their journey and are transformed into cherished holiday snowmen.
Snowman Globe Ornaments
Image transfers, buttons, snow, berries and greens create cute snowman glass globe ornaments.
Flickering Wax Snowmen
Battery operated tea light flickers inside this cinnamon scented whipped wax snowman.
Snowman Heads on Springs
We use rusty bed springs, felt snowman hats, bows, berries and greens to create these "shivering" snowmen heads.
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