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Beeswax Ornaments

The art of molding and carving wax into holiday figures is an old German tradition, one that was practiced for generations. German bakers first created beeswax ornaments using their hand-carved, springerle cookie molds.  Rocky Mountain Wax Worksis pleased to continue this charming tradition by offering you a vast selection of beeswax ornaments.  Each ornament is individually hand crafted in our Colorado studio.   The Holidays would not be complete without our lovable Snowmen, Santas, and Gingerbread Men.

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Natural Beeswax Ornaments
Hand Painted Beeswax Ornaments
Blackened Cinnamon Beeswax

Every ornament comes in a cello bag with a card detailing the history of beeswax ornaments and care instructions.  Choose a natural beeswax scent or our cinnamon scented beeswax ornaments.   Beeswax ornaments are SAFE hanging next to any type of holiday tree light.  Avoid direct sunlight when hanging your ornament on a tree.  No attic storage.  Store scented ornaments in a plastic bag to preserve the scent.

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